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Omnivert and ambivert? What are the similarities and differences

Omnivert and ambivert? What are the similarities and differences

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What is an ambivert? An ambivert is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion, and can flip into either depending on their mood, context, and goals

Ambiverts have also been called:

  • Outgoing introverts: An introvert who can be outgoing in certain situations, around certain people, or when they absolutely need to.
  • Antisocial extroverts: An extrovert who needs time to recharge before socializing, or who likes to be alone more than a typical extrovert.
  • Social introverts: An introvert who can dial up into extroversion when needed.


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Extroversion and Introversion

Ambiverts are flexible in how they react to people.

  1. In the right context, in the right mood, around the right people, ambiverts can flip up into extroversion.
  2. In difficult contexts, when tired or cranky, or around toxic people, ambiverts can flip down into introversion.

We can also self-select our tendency toward extroversion.

  • I am drawn to people; I get energy from social gatherings, and am fairly outgoing. (Extrovert)
  • It’s draining to be around lots of people. I prefer peace, solitude, and quiet time. I usually crave alone time in my free time. (Introvert)
  • It depends. (Ambivert)


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Ambivert Problems

Ambivert Problems

With all that flexibility comes some liabilities. Since ambiverts can be so flexible, they often run into a few problems:

  • They love to talk to people, but want to plan it out first.
  • They say yes to too many things because they aren’t sure what will work best for them.
  • Their extroverted side says yes to things in the future, but then their introverted side had a hard day and no longer wants to go.
  • When they’re in a bad moodnothing sounds fun.
  • They like going out only when they are in the right mood, with the right people.


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Ambivert Vs. Omnivert

Ambivert Vs. Omnivert

Simply, the difference between the two is that the Ambivert is more of a Protector, focusing on responsibility, organisation and balance, and the Omnivert is more of an Adventurer, focusing on a balance between time alone and time going out on new adventures.

  • Ambiverts are INFJs, INTJs, ISTJs and ISFJs
  • Omniverts are ESFPs, ESTPs, ENTPs and ENFPs


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Key Differences Between an Ambivert Vs. Omnivert At Work

Key Differences Between an Ambivert Vs. Omnivert At Work


  • Balance in the middle of the extrovert/introvert spectrum.
  • Lean into each moment, adapting and adjusting to what the situation calls for.
  • Demonstrate emotional stability and level-headedness.
  • Think, act, behave, and communicate in a consistent way.


  • Make hard shifts between being an extrovert and introvert.
  • React as extroverted or introverted based on what they feel others need from them.
  • Can act like two different people, depending on what situation they’re in.
  • Show no consistency, making others unsure of which side they’ll get.


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Passionate learner and a writer on NovelToon. Ig: @d.angelonico_


Omnivert and ambivert are two personality traits that fall within the introvert-extravert spectrum. Ambiverts are individuals who lie in the middle or close to the introvert-extrovert qualities. Omniverts are introverts or extraverts.

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