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How To Take Smart Notes

How To Take Smart Notes

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Main Takeaways

Main Takeaways

  1. Writing is thinking
  2. Value of an external thinking
  3. Superiority of emerging approach


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Writing is Thinking

Writing is Thinking

  • The process of writing is actually the process of thinking, not something that goes after figuring out what content to create.
  • When you highlight a text, you're not writing, you are copying. Try to distill down its ideas instead.


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The Value of an External System

The Value of an External System

  • Zettelkasten system: link your notes together and keep them organised
  • Without an external thinking system that relates each note to another one, it's difficult to see your ideas come together and help you create other ideas.


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The External System (3 Steps)

The External System (3 Steps)

  1. Fleeting notes: random ideas to follow up.
  2. Literature notes: notes you write as you read something.
  3. Permanent notes: the things you want to own from your fleeting and literature notes.


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The Superiority of an Emergent Approach

The Superiority of an Emergent Approach

If you are pursuing multiple interests you are growing your thinking but on multiple directions. You should level up your work as you are distilling your thoughts keeping them together.


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