#183 - James Clear: Building & changing habits - Deepstash
#183 - James Clear: Building & changing habits

#183 - James Clear: Building & changing habits

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Key Insights (I)

  •  You're building habits all the time.
  • Be the architect of your habits, not the victim of them.
  • Your results are a lagging measure of your habits.
  • There is a mismatch between our ancestors' behaviour instinct to receive instant gratification and our wished behaviours that have to delay gratification.
  • Genes don't tell you not to work hard, they tell you where to work hard to embrace your abilities.
  • People find pleasure from progress, either from comparing ourselves to others' or to ourselves.
  • Fix the inputs, and the outputs will fix themselves.



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Key Insights (II)

  • Goals are for people who care about winning one time. Systems are for people who care about winning again and again.
  • You take pride in your habits and they provide proof of the story you tell yourself about your identity.
  • Your habits are the solution for the recurring problems you have
  • Variable rewards tend to intensify behaviour.
  • Environment is the invisible hand that drives our behaviour.
  • Contain the damage of failing once by dividing your day in 4 blocks.
  • Master the art of showing up.


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