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We spend so much time learning this podcast describes why we should try to learn more effectively

How to Focus to Change Your Brain | Episode 6

How to Focus to Change Your Brain | Episode 6

Huberman Lab


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How To Learn New Things As An Adult

You don’t constantly keep making new neaurons in your brain that is a misconception. Rather we strengthen existing neurons and create new connections in your brain

First Step In Learning Something New

The first step in learning something new is to prime your brain and let your brain know that you are about to learn something new by focusing. Every experience doesn’t change your brain only the ones that are specific so consciously make a decision to learn something new. Your brain doesn’t autom...

Be invested in your learning tell other people let other people hold you accountable for the things that you committed to do but be careful if you get enough praise you can receive too much dopamine and not end up doing the task. You could also have a negative consequence like giving money to a f...

Make sure you are attentive while learning anything. Some ways that you can be attentive is by

  1. Drinking caffeine
  2. Staying fully Hydra

You can improve your focus while learning by focus on a small part of your screen for 90-120 seconds at a time it will help your whole brain focus

The typical learning bout should be 90 minutes that is a good amount of time

  • You can also accelerate learning by doing brief naps after your learning for about 20 minutes that helps tremendously
  • Not focusing or thinking about any specific after a bout of learning can significantly improve the rate at which is you attain knowledge

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This podcast focuses on micronutrients that are essential for brain and body health.



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