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The paradox of choice | Barry Schwartz

The paradox of choice | Barry Schwartz

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Today's Official Dogma

Today's Official Dogma

If we are trying to maximise the welfare of our society is by maximising our freedom, and the only way to do so, is by maximising our choices


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Key Insights

Key Insights

  • Everywhere we look, life is a matter of choice
  • The more options there are the easier it is to regret about anything an option has
  • When you have a lot of choices, your expectations rise towards perfection
  • The secret to happiness is low expectations
  • When there are no choices to make, if something goes wrong the responsible is the world. Whereas, when there are lots of choices to make, you are the responsible.   
  • Better choice is not better than some choice
  • Too much freedom becomes paralysis    


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Why Choice Makes People Miserable

Why Choice Makes People Miserable

  1. Regret and anticipated regret
  2. Opportunity costs
  3. Escalation of expectations
  4. Self blame    


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Negative Effects of Choice

Negative Effects of Choice

  • It produces paralysis and not liberation
  • Even if we manage to make a choice, we end up less satisfied with what we chose    


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