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4 ways to perfect your business model

4 ways to perfect your business model

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The business model

The business model

What makes a product great is not the idea of it or what it can do, but the way it is positioned. Business positioning is not about the competitive pursuit of a niche; it's about finding the right business model.

A business model describes the rationale for the way the company creates, delivers, and captures value. Simply put, it is the way a business makes money. This includes figuring out what the product is, who your end customer is, and what the business value proposition is.


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Questions you need to solve to perfect your business model

  1. Who can I serve? The real boss in your startup is your client because they are the ones who decide if they buy from you or not.
  2. How can I serve you? This means designing and developing a product that corresponds exactly to what customers would value having.
  3. What is the value? Value is not a monetary amount, but the satisfaction someone feels using your product. Yes, this implies that the value is merely subjective.
  4. Are you doing it for them? Unless you already know who your customer is and the type of product they might value, there is no way to answer this question.


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