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Reinventing management

Reinventing management

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Georg Siemens, the man who built the Deutsche bank into Europe’s leading financial powerhouse between 1870 and 1880, once said, “Without management, a bank is so much scrap, fit only to be liquidated. Management is the engine of modern society".



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Management has evolved

The discipline of management has since gone through layers of change. Old ideas are still taught in business schools, and in use by big institutions around the world. But in practice management has evolved with innovative companies and disruptors charting new ways of management, organizational development and business model innovation.


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We can no longer do business as usual. Why?

  • Covid-19 (Redeploying talent, managing the workforce and interfacing customers need to be embedded in management operational procedures as a result of the effect of the global pandemic)
  • Web 2.0 ( A set of next-generation internet technologies making it possible to create highly social applications allowing users to interact with content in diverse ways. Think Netflix, HBO, Amazon)
  • Sustainability: There is no alternative to sustainable development. It is affecting how companies think about product development, processes and business models.


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Continuous management crisis

The problem we face is that we have made a permanent home with the orthodox view of management. Largely because of its success in the past. Today, the quality of management in business organizations is dissipating yet many hold on to the past glory of success.


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We are on the cusp of a revolution

The traditional top-down bureaucracy with emphasis primarily on job titles and less emphasis on function and performance needs to be remodelled.

We cannot place leadership above management. Leadership in many organizations is glorified, and management is mostly given minimal attention if any out of necessity. That has to change. We all need to be leaders and managers. Leadership matters but not at the expense of management.


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Reinventing management.

It needs to be a multi-stakeholder discourse, innovating around new governance models, encouraging cross-company sharing, and new rules guiding intellectual property.

Collaboration at this scale is extremely difficult but not impossible. Dee Hock described in his book on the origination of the Visa network how he was able to convince senior-level bank executives to agree to a common set of standards that led to the creation of the credit card history we have come to know today.


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Business Strategist, Investing in Africa, Tech Evangelist.

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