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Ways to tell a good business story

Ways to tell a good business story

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Data and stats are your allies

Data and stats are your allies

Like investors, reporters crave proof that your story is worthy of their attention. If you’re solving the next big problem in fintech, martech, or fill-in-the-blank-tech, you need to pony up with the statistics that show why this problem needs your solution.

You don’t need to invest all your money into market research to get this kind of data. Many times, it’s just a matter of looking at your pitch deck and selecting the stats that will stand out.


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Market point of view is critical

Founders who experience success in the media are often the ones who have a strong perspective on the market their business is competing in.

While every founder undoubtedly has a company story they wish to share, it’s imperative to be able to address the bigger market picture.


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Don't be afraid to highlight the personal

Every leader has a personal story in addition to the problem their company is solving. The savviest founders understand that showing their human side will help them be more relatable to others.

Whether it’s highlighting lessons learned along the way, or a particular challenge overcome, showing vulnerability and connectedness can help persuade reporters that you have something important to share—beyond just the business case.


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Dial-up the simplicity

It’s critical for founders to be able to explain their technology in simple terms. Sticking to easy-to-understand terminology and delivering focused messages can go a long way in attracting the attention of reporters.

As tech becomes more complicated, reporters can’t possibly have an in-depth understanding of every product or service; it’s up to founders to make this information easily accessible and engaging.


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Refresh to the news cycle

Make sure that your story is actually newsworthy and ties in with the current news cycle.

By connecting your point of view to the stories that already have the public’s attention, your point of view will automatically become more relevant and interesting.


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Look across multiple channels

Every founder likely dreams of being featured in global news publications. But the savviest companies know that this kind of coverage doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time to form relationships with reporters and build up to it.

They know that there are a variety of outlets and channels that provide important audiences for their story. By including smaller, target media outlets and leveraging platforms like blogs and LinkedIn, or self-publishing in Medium, companies can build momentum and credibility, which will help convince the bigger outlets that they are worth covering.


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