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3 Common Myths About Management | HBS Online

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Myth: Management and Leadership are the Same Things

Myth: Management and Leadership are the Same Things

It’s possible to be a great manager and not a great leader, or vice versa. Rarely, individuals are both at the same time.

The minute a process needs to be changed, either because of internal or external forces, the manager who lacks leadership ability often struggles to “rally the troops” to a new normal. Similarly, a great leader who has little managerial skills can pull a team in several directions with too much vision, creating a lot of noise but little in the way of results. It’s critical that great managers either learn leadership skills or align themselves with good leaders.


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Myth: Managers Can Make People Do Things

The title “manager” implies exactly this. The Oxford Dictionary defines “manage” as to “be in charge of (a company, establishment, or undertaking).” Surely that means, as a manager, you command and people jump? If only it were that simple.

No matter the title, you don’t inspire people by pointing at something and saying, “Do that!” Rather, you bring them along by giving them a reason to “do that.” What sort of reason? It just needs to make sense; it needs to tie the work to some end objective.


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Myth: Good Managers Can Manage Anything

This myth may be a bit surprising. You’ve likely known or read about someone who seems to have the golden touch when it comes to management.

The reason for such success is often misunderstood. Usually, it’s attributed to the manager’s ability to organize people, institute processes, and adapt as new information becomes available. There’s little doubt that these skills matter. But the other, less discussed aspect of a successful manager’s behavior is this: They hire and nurture the right people and get rid of those who don’t perform.


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