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Top 5 common health myths debunked

Top 5 common health myths debunked

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Eight glasses of water

We should indeed be drinking enough water every day for good overall health. What this amount is, differ from person to person.

There is no scientific evidence that backs up drinking 8 glasses of water for overall health. The 8 glasses of water have been traced back to a single paragraph in a government report from 1945. 


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Catch a cold by being cold

Catch a cold by being cold

You can't catch a cold from being cold.  A virus is responsible for contracting a cold. We become infected with viruses when we are in close quarters with other people infected with a virus.


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Cracking your joints can lead to arthritis

Cracking joints do not cause arthritis. Research done found people who crack their joints are at the same risk of getting arthritis than those who don't.


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Deodorant can cause breast cancer

Deodorant can cause breast cancer

Nearly all of the studies that have tested the link between deodorant and breast cancer found no evidence to support the claim.


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Eggs are bad for the heart

Eggs are bad for the heart

Research suggests there is no link between eating eggs and a cholesterol imbalance.

Eggs are rich in nutrients and a good source of a nutritious food.


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