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How to Set Your Career Goals for 2022

How to Set Your Career Goals for 2022

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5 Steps to Career Goal Setting

5 Steps to Career Goal Setting

  • Step 1: Define goal categories
  • Step 2: Goal feelings - What do you ultimately want to feel in those categories? What's your goal feeling? Write it down in the corresponding column.
  • Step 3: Long-term goals (3-5 years+) - What will help you achieve that ultimate goal feeling in each category? Make sure this is something ambitious, that will take years to achieve!
  • Step 4: Short-term goals (6m-3years) - 3 SMART short-term goals
  • Step 5: Set up regular future check-ins


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Step 1: Define goal categories

Step 1: Define goal categories

We have identified the following, but you may have more or simply different categories. Reflect on that, add any categories if needed!

  • Finance
  • Skills and learning
  • Your role/title
  • Your day-to-day
  • Personal brand


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Step 4: Short-term goals (6m-3years)

Step 4: Short-term goals (6m-3years)

Now is the actional part, write down 3 SMART short-term goals on how you're going to achieve your long-term goals. Here's what SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


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