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How Brands Use The Psychology Of Color To Manipulate You

How Brands Use The Psychology Of Color To Manipulate You


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Green - youthfulness and love of Mother Earth

What it means: Green is the color of money and envy, but it also signifies the environment, Mother Earth, and universal love. Green is attractive to youth and to those who enjoy life.

Which brands use it: The green mermaid on the center of every Starbucks c...

Blue - calm and logical

What it means: Blue represents “trust, integrity, and communication”. However, the use of the wrong tone of blue “can make a brand appear cold, aloof and unapproachable.” Blue relates to the mind, so consumers associate it with logic and communication. It...

Purple - luxurious and whimsical

What it means: “Quality, luxury, and decadence” are all associated with purple , as is royalty. However, it can sometimes come off as tacky, too whimsical, or not in touch with reality, and depending on the company, this can be detrimental to the message the brand wants to send.

Yellow - fun and friendly

 What it means: Brands that use yellow are “expressing a personality of happiness, optimism and friendliness.” Yellow is also the most visible color in daylight, making it difficult to overlook brands that use the color.

Which brands use it: McDonald’s uses...

Orange - playfulness and physical comfort

What it means: Orange is powerfully bright. Companies using orange are seen as “fun, playful and enjoying social interaction.” Orange can also represent physical comfort, like food and warmth. But be cautious when using orange, she says, because some brands that do “come across a...

Pink - sweet

What it means: Pink may be an obvious color to associate with certain qualities. Pink stands for femininity, as well as “love, nurturing, and caring.” A lighter pink is sweet, usually marketed towards little girls, whereas a brighter pink holds sex appeal.


Brown - warmth and dependability

 What it means: Chocolate is something that first comes to mind when you think of brown, but the deeper meaning behind the color is warmth, safety, reliability, and dependability.

Which brands use it: UPS is a brand consumers want to trust to get their mail...

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