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In my experience of business, coaching and leading teams, I find it dangerous to focus on perfectionism. In these ideas, I have collated some thoughts and some tips I’ve learnt from others on the topic of perfectionism!


Why Perfectionism is Dangerous

Why Perfectionism is Dangerous



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“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralising

Perfectionism Is Like Chasing Shadows

The moment you consciously or unconsciously become a perfectionist, you may just be running down the road of dissatisfaction. Because, a lot of times you will be disappointed!

Doing the best you can, with what you have in the opportunity available is what Excellence is about. It is a more...

Perfectionism Never Lets You Start Many Things

Perfectionists always want to have EVERYTHING they need before they start. But how do you start anything if you’re always looking for that perfect situation every time?

Sometimes, all you have is enough to take the first move. Many successful professionals entrepreneurs will tell you thi...

Perfectionism Delays Accomplishment Of Goals

Beware! Sometimes in the pursuit of attaining perfection, you incur more costs such as spending more money, engaging more resources and entertaining more delay.

In fact, perfectionism leads to PROCRASTINATION!

Could perfectionism be frustrating the completion of your objectives, goal...

Perfectionism Wears You Out

Not good enough…..not good enough…..not good enough…..not yet! These words can easily spiral you down the path of perfection. Guess what? It is exhausting, and kicks frustration in!

This is why you should define your goals with clear metrics to highlight when you’ve hit your acceptable st...

Perfectionism Intimidates And Causes Tension

Ever tried leading a team and telling team members what they have done is never good enough? You won’t get a better team or better outcomes. What you will get is tension and demotivation.

A better approach is to motivate the team with a goal of excellence. That way they are inspired to pu...

But Excellence Is Motivating And Yields Better Results

The origin of the word ‘excel’ is Latin and it means ‘out’ or ‘beyond’.

It naturally represents forward movement, progression and motion. It is definitely both process and result oriented in its nature and that’s what makes it a powerful word.

Let me remind you of this quote by Har...

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