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When the end of the quarter is approaching, what do sales managers want? Easy answers. Which sales that their people promised will close this week? And if not, why not? When will they close? Here are 4 questions that sales managers can ask to test for sales pipeline accuracy.


4 Questions For Testing Sales Pipeline Accuracy | Sales Gravy

4 Questions For Testing Sales Pipeline Accuracy | Sales Gravy



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Don’t Over-Promise And Under-Deliver

Sellers must first build their pipeline, then ensure as much accuracy as possible in the numbers they offer. Then the sales manager is responsible for communicating the combined pipelines of their team to upper management.

It’s common for sales managers to trust some of their folk...

A key component of a manager’s role is to work with their salespeople to manage and report their pipeline. Trust in your people is paramount and that happens over time.

But there is a fine line between asking questions to ensure accuracy of the pipeline and turning it into an interrogation....

There are four expectations you can set with your salespeople to ensure pipeline accuracy and predictability:

  • How Long Has The Deal Been In The Pipeline?
  • Is Procurement Involved?
  • Do We Know All Of The Decision Makers?
  • What Was The Latest Communication With The C...

To be confident, ensure strong communication, knowledge of all the decision makers, and whether procurement is involved. Then look at how long the opportunity has been around, and how many sales calls are being made. Together the answers to these questions will lead to greater sales pipeline accu...

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