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What To Do When You’re Feeling Lost

What To Do When You’re Feeling Lost



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What Do I Do? How Do I Do It?

If you’ve ever pushed hard or cared deeply about something then you’ve probably experienced a feeling of being lost. Perhaps this manifests as being unsure of what to do next; unsure of how to do it; or even unsure of why you’re ...

Rob Bell has a framework for growth that goes like this: orientation > disorientation  > reorientation.

Another well-known spiritual teacher, the Franciscan Friar Richard Rohr, often speaks about transformation as a process of order > disorder > reorder.

This is quite similar to a framework that Brad Stulberg (@Bstulberg) bestselling author of Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox, and co-creator of the TheGrowthEq.com, has written about extensively, and one that is backed by over 100 years of science: stress...

For someone who is accustomed to being on, to having things under control and figured out, disorientation, disorder, and even just rest can be discombobulating. These are the phases that almost always look better once you are on the other side of them. It’s easy to talk about the merits o...

As Bell says, the natural tendency is to fight being lost; or perhaps to shut-down altogether in the face of disorientation and disorder. Generally, this isn’t helpful. Decades of psychological science 

Herein lies the paradox: It’s counterproductive to suppress or repress disorientation and disorder. But it’s also counterproductive to romanticize and dwell in them. What is one to do?

Perhaps the answer is simply to pay attention — ideally with a non-judgemental mind and a...

The minute we judge them as good, as being desirable and key phases to growth, we’re liable to sit and stew in them for too long. The minute we judge them as bad and start suppressing and repressing them, we’re liable to miss out on what these phases have to teach us, and, ironically, also overex...

This is true for individuals and for organizations. It’s true for small communities and entire nations. It’s the stuff of not only spiritual teachers but also science. Evolution is literally a process of order > disorder > reorder. Rush through disorder without listening to what it is tel...

Whether we’re talking about a marriage, a career, training for a marathon, building a business, writing a book, or walking a spiritual path, the middle phases are often the hardest. They are immune to strategizing and planning and controlling. There’s a risk in spending too little time in...

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