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Gimme 20! How just 20 minutes a day to yourself could transform your life

Gimme 20! How just 20 minutes a day to yourself could transform your life

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How to Microdose Your 'Me Time'

How to Microdose Your 'Me Time'

When you're overloaded with work/parenting/caring/domestic admin/stuff to faff around with on your phone, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every second is accounted for.

  • Spending time doing whatever you want will help you get everything else done; that it's not selfish, but actually practical.
  • Set aside 20 minutes each morning for yourself.

Try to do nothing. It is rewarding, to just do nothing for a short while at least.


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Doing Nothing Is Okay

Doing Nothing Is Okay

  • Take a break if it’s something you enjoy.
  • Work is not the only thing we do in life - taking a break gives us our humanity.
  • Don't worry whether you’re wasting time or using it well, just enjoy it.
  • Set your alarm half an hour before your kids wake so you can sit and read or listen to music without interrupting them.


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Make A Plan And Stick To It

Make A Plan And Stick To It

  • If you don’t schedule those 20 minutes, it will take effort and willpower to try to make it happen, and finding that time will become a hassle.
  • To make it work, you’ll need to schedule your entire day.
  • Do not wait until the alarm goes off to decide what to do.
  • Prepare what you'll need the night before.
  • A schedule is a visual representation of how much time you have every day.


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If You Are Struggling, Work Out What Is Stopping You

If You Are Struggling, Work Out What Is Stopping You

  • Take five minutes and ask yourself why you struggle to make time for yourself.
  • Is it because you don't set healthy boundaries or are afraid of being alone with your thoughts?
  • Taking care of mental health can improve time management and improve your mental health, a two-way street.
  • Prioritize your needs,  whether it's a run, white space or sitting down with a blank sheet of paper to write down your ideas and be creative.


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Treat Time Like Cash, Not Credit

  • When you have cash in your hand, you can count it, it's quantifiable. But you can't see or feel time, or put a real value on it.
  • Because time is invisible, we have a hard time accounting for it. We always think there's going to be more time in the future, but there isn't.
  • If it's something that you enjoy, it is time well spent


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Solitude: Be In Aloneness

Solitude: Be In Aloneness

  • Solitude is a lovely word. It means being alone but not lonely.
  • Simple things like listening to music or looking at art can be just as important as meditation.
  • Some people find solitude very rewarding and enjoyable, while others are not looking for it.
  • Don't be alone, just be in a positive aloneness for a while and see how a blossoming happens.


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I love creating music, coffee, and film. Always strive for perfection.


All we need is 20 minutes.

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