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How can playbook help in Customer Onboarding

How can playbook help in Customer Onboarding

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A Perfect Customer Onboarding

Some professionals argue that the onboarding process is not easy. Basically, it is easy. However, the process of perfect onboarding, where the customers are happy, is tough! 

When you make the onboarding experience smooth for the customer, they are most likely to continue with your brand for a long time. That easily translates into continued recurring revenue for your business. 

Now, to tackle the difficulties in the process, a ‘Playbook’ can come to your rescue.


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The Playbook

A playbook is a series of time-bound activities. It is a detailed checklist or blueprint of steps prescribed by the Head of Customer Success (CS) which should be followed during the customer journey. 

Also, it contains the best practises that you must follow while dealing with your customers to improve their overall experience with the product.

An onboarding playbook is, similarly, the detailed sketch of the onboarding process and the time required to complete the same.  

With playbooks, you will get a real-time view of which customers are in which step of onboarding.


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Setting Up A Playbook

Setting Up A Playbook

While designing an onboarding playbook, you need to understand your existing onboarding process & divide it into various steps.

Once the steps are clearly defined, they can be categorised into either of the following elements. The onboarding playbook, typically, consists of:

  • Tasks- which the Customer Success Manager (CSM) has to perform
  • Product Adoption Milestones- the crucial product feature that the customer has used and how well the customer has adopted the product.
  • Outcome- A high-level business outcome that you expect your customer to achieve in this step.


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Identifying The Process

Identifying The Process

When you design the onboarding playbook, you need to identify if the process is:-

  • Low-touch Onboarding- It is mostly self-served.
  • Medium-touch Onboarding- It needs the involvement of CSMs/Implementation Managers.
  • High-touch Onboarding- It relies heavily on the involvement of your team.

This is an important step because the playbook has to be designed based on the intensity of the automation or the human intervention in the process.


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