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Learn How to Automate Customer Onboarding in B2B SaaS

Learn How to Automate Customer Onboarding in B2B SaaS

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The benefits of customer onboarding automation

The benefits of customer onboarding automation

When you onboard new customers, you introduce them to how your business works. The right customer onboarding is vital to long-term satisfaction. The goal is to eliminate any friction between the initial customer contact point and post-purchase.

Automating customer onboarding:

  • Speeds up the onboarding process
  • Dematerialises the corresponding workflows
  • Reduces latency between touchpoints throughout the customer journey.


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The importance of automating customer onboarding

Automating your onboarding process can free up human resources. Automation also helps with scalability.

Automating client onboarding solves the following challenges:

  • It makes the process shorter and more structured
  • Easier access and segmentation of documents
  • Eliminates errors and miscommunication.


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The first steps in automating onboarding

  • Before you start automating customer onboarding, define your goals and customer journey. Which processes in the customer journey do you want to automate? Which segments of customers do you want to automate?
  • Ensure your onboarding tool is integrated with CRM. Using CRM as part of an onboarding initiative will help manage the process.
  • The next step is to create simple workflows, such as sending them a welcome email or high-value action steps.


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Add different functions to customer journeys

Define the milestones and business outcomes for every step of the onboarding journey.

Set rules in your onboarding tool for the next set of actions. 

  • When a customer achieves a milestone, what is the next set of emails or training videos to be sent? 
  • What alert needs to be sent for a delay in achieving a milestone?


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Create onboarding playbooks based on segmentation

Create onboarding playbooks based on segmentation

Segment your customers based on common traits and define every segment's ideal customer onboarding journey.

Create a playbook and automate the process. A playbook is a detailed checklist of steps that should be followed in the customer journey. It consists of tasks and timelines for the customer and the Customer Success Manager (CSM).


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Human intervention tasks

As a CSM, you'll handle multiple accounts. You'll need to get notifications for important steps achieved so that you don't have to look manually into each account.

However, automation should never compromise the customer experience. For example, if your product usage drops drastically or you have inactive customers, you should get an alert for human intervention.


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Obtain timely feedback through customer interactions

Continuous customer interactions can help to fine-tune the process and improve your product.

Automating onboarding can provide the necessary resources at the right points of a customer journey. This can save time and costs while responding to customers when they reach out for help.


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