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Over-promising is BIG trap!

Over-promising is BIG trap!


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Over-promising is BIG trap!

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Never Promise What You Can’t Give Or Don’t Have

The simple reason is that it leads to disappointment. And while you may try to forget, the customer always remembers. In fact, they may just share their experience publicly, and that’s not good for your reputation.


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Customer Disappointment Leads To Attrition

Disappoint a customer and they won’t be satisfied. Dissatisfaction pushes your customers away from you, and towards your competitors. But not only do they leave, stats show that a dissatisfied customer will share the experience with 10 others on average. Why place the power of brand damage in the hands of your customers? You can avoid it by delivering better customer services.


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Compensate For Broken Promises

Sometimes, things going out of your control could be the reason for disappointing your customer. When that happens, acknowledge it, and find ways to remedy the situation. Sometimes it may also be your fault! Regardless of what it is, find ways to put it right so you can can turn the situation into a better experience for the customer.


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Stay True To Your Brand Promise

If you promised it, deliver it. Be clear on what you are promising, to who you are promising and how you intend to deliver. Meeting customer expectations is the minimum while surpassing it is great! Whatever you do, don’t destroy the trust your customer has in your brand. The customer’s trust provides a bedrock for future transaction opportunities.


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Losing hard-earned customers is very costly. You lose them, future sale opportunities and referrals they can connect you with. A reason for leaving is due to over-promising and disappointments. Over-promising is a trap!


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