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Why Performance Goals Are So Important (And How to Set Your Own)

Why Performance Goals Are So Important (And How to Set Your Own)



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Goal setting is powerful

During performance review season, employees are working on their self-reviews and performance goals while preparing to meet with the boss.

You may be asked to come prepared with goals to discuss. However, coming up with goals that can help you move forward can be a powerful activity...

Thinking that your goals are to get that raise, get a promotion, not get fired is too broad and vague to start taking action on.

Using the SMART system for goal setting can help you move forward in your career.

  • S - Specific: The goals clarify wha...

Completing new certifications is a great goal.

Ideally, your company will pay for this as part of continuing education. Before the performance review, ensure you have specific certification in mind, including the cost and time frame. Know how the certification will benefit you or t...

Meetings can be hard, even for the confident. With the rise of online meetings, it's easier to fade into the background but that is not the best thing for your career or team performance.

Speaking up is a good goal to set and easy to track and measure. Start by aiming to co...

Being more focused and productive is always a great goal and something almost everyone needs to work on.

Consider carefully what increased efficiency would look like for you, how you'll track it, and how it will benefit the team. For example, if you find that you spend two ...

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and work with emotions. 

Emotional intelligence is in high demand in the workplace. A goal could be to practice the skills that contribute to emotional intelligence:

  • Offering support to team members...

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