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How To Create an Effective End of Year Business Review

How To Create an Effective End of Year Business Review


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“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” 

Think of an effective end-of-year business review as an executive summary for the entire year. What were the key takeaways?

The presentation should include high-level information such as an evaluation of goals, achievements, rates of growth, obstacles and setbacks,...

A high-quality annual business review should feature an overarching summary reflecting the big picture for the company.

  • The business summary might highlight the brand’s founder, co-founders, business leaders, and other decision-makers, while also summarizing the compa...

Before the year’s goals can be evaluated, audiences need to know what they were. The second portion of the year-end business review should summarize the year’s goals.

The list of goals can be obtained from the prior year’s annual review (if that's available), but keep ...

It's important to celebrate a company’s successes. Once you've mapped out what the year's goals were, you can talk about if and how you accomplished them.

No annual business review could possibly be complete without featuring the year’s highlight reel.

Numbers tell a big part of a company’s story, and they are a vital piece of the annual business review puzzle. This is where key performance indicators (KPIs) and results come in to play.

Present data on the company’s performance in the form of financial statements, ra...

A round-up of upcoming company goals is a key element to any actionable year-end review. Objectives from the prior year might remain in place, if they weren't met, or you may shift your goals based on accomplishments, failures, or changing market conditions.

By sha...

It’s not enough to simply create a list of goals for the upcoming year. You must also share how those goals will be met. An effective end-of-year business review should include a plan of execution for the upcoming year.

What processes will be put in place to meet next ...

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