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How To Advocate For Yourself In Your Year-End Review

How To Advocate For Yourself In Your Year-End Review


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Performance review self-assessment

It is best not to rush through writing up a summary of your year. Your employer will ideally let you know what the performance reviews are used for and the effect they could have on your career.

Year-end evaluations can be a way to get your boss up to speed on what they may have missed, but...

Vague statements include being a good co-worker, well-organised or a good communicator.

  • Instead, mention specific and relevant accomplishments. Share how they happened and why you could achieve them. Ensure to quantify the impact it had on the business.
  • If you ...

Leaving out areas for improvement could be a missed opportunity to make the evaluation a pitch to your boss about what skills you would like to learn or ideas you want to explore.

If you want to move up the corporate ladder, ensure your self-evaluation reflects that. If you feel you...

Using the pandemic as an excuse for not performing your job in the best way is not going to put you in the best light.

Language that shows you are stagnant, such as "we did not have enough resources", will taint your evaluation. Instead, use words that show you are moving forward, such as "...

It's difficult to remember in December what you worked on in February.

  • Habitually keep track of emails, collaborations and projects that are applicable to the team and business goals.
  • Every month, ask what you did that month. What stood out to you? 
  • Keep track of proje...

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