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Instagram is everything you need for Digital Marketing


Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips To Boost Your Instagram Presence

Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips To Boost Your Instagram Presence



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Instagram Is Hot In Digital Marketing

  • 71% of businesses prefer Instagram as their top digital marketing platform
  • About 90% of Instagram users follow business accounts
  • 2 in 3 people surveyed feel Instagram conveniently allows to interact with brands
  • 50% show interest in a brand after seeing its ads on Inst...

Convert Your Instagram Account to A Business Account

  • To convert to a business account, go to Settings> Account> Switch to Professional account option in Instagram.
  • Create a strong Instagram content strategy.
  • Prepare a strong content strategy with well-defined KPIs to help you analyze the performance of your Instagram marketing ...

Say it with Stories

  • With over 500 million Instagram accounts viewing stories daily, it gives you enough scope to: promote your products and services.
  • Post content informing your audience about any upcoming events or deals.
  • Have casual interactions with viewers to connect with them better and imp...

Use The Tools

Use Reels to be more creative with your content and express more with the combination of multiple videos for seamless transitions

Add to your brand's personality by making your posts appealing and informative using captions.

60% of posts tag

Play with Hashtags And Promo Codes

  • 70% of Instagram hashtags are brand campaigning strategy-related.
  • Prepare different lists of preferred hashtags and keep track of which posts and hashtags perform the best.
  • Limit 30 hashtags per post.
  • Use relevant hashtags for your business posts that become the reaso...

Go Live

82% of people reportedly prefer watching a live video rather than viewing a social media post. Use the Live feature to interact with your audience through comments and questions in real-time.

Increase engagement and audience reach by announcing live contests and giveaways to drive viewershi...

Promote Your Stuff

Contests: Instagram accounts that actively post about contests tend to grow their followers 70% faster than those that do not.

Sponsored ads can be effective if you have a niche brand.

Post sponsored content and contest alerts to impr...

Make Links Prominent

Provide the link to your website through Instagram bio tools such as Feedlink or Linktree to increase engagement and website visits.

Use direct CTAs, mention links in your bio, or share your latest Instagram posts to create interest in readers on other social media platforms.

  • Captions can be as small as one-liners.
  • Memes generate more engagement and have mass appeal.
  • Use them judicially and ensure that it is relevant to your branding and your brand’s purpose.
  • Most of the audience on Instagram are millennials who share memes to communicate ...

Driving Engagement

  • 80% of consumers feel companies have become more accountable due to social media channels.
  • Either follow the account to study their strategy or partner with them to understand their techniques.
  • The latter option can help you both interact with each other's followers and have ...

Lifestyle Content

  • Focus on the audience's interests beyond your product or brand.
  • Create a user profile while conducting market research of your audience, such as defining their demographics, interests, likes, and dislikes to create a holistic brand image while being relevant to the audience.
  • ...

Story Highlights

Use Story Highlights to direct users to your product store

You can either use a previous Story from the Story Archive Gallery or tap the heart icon below on your current Story about your business offerings to ensure continuous and convenient access to existing and potential customers to you...

If you find it difficult to promote your brand on Instagram or feel it is time-consuming, try revising your schedule or reducing your posts' frequency or reinventing your strategy, but don't quit the platform.

Bonus: The best time to post on Instagram is between 6 AM - 9 AM and 5 PM...

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