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Strategies to make lasting changes in our lives and improve ourselves.

Stick with It

Stick with It

by Sean D. Young


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The 2-step Model For Lasting Change

1. Identify the behavior you want to change and whether it is an A, B, or C behavior.

  • A = Automatic
  • B = Burning
  • C = Common

2. Use as many of the seven SCIENCE forces as apply to make lasting...

What Are The SCIENCE Forces?

The SCIENCE forces are like physical forces that constantly push and pull us. The more forces we can implement, the more likely we are to create lasting change.

S is for stepladders

C is for community

I is for important

ABCs And What To Do About Them

Automatic behaviors are best changed by making things Easy and Engrained along with using Neurohacks and Captivating rewards.

Burning behaviors are similar to automatic ones but we can also...

STEPLADDERS - Dreams, Goals, & Steps

Sometimes we fail at achieving our goals because they are out of our control or unrealistic. Set steps to get to goals, to get to dreams.

Is it a Dream or a Goal?

Dreams typically take more than three months and you haven't previously accomplished it before.

COMMUNITY & The 6 Ingredients

Social support and healthy competition are powerful. Find a community of people doing what you want to do or begin your own.

The best communities have a "social magnet" that drive them and draw the members closer. Without this, communities often fail.

The 6 ingredients for a successf...

IMPORTANT & The Big Three

If you are motivated you will build lasting changes but if your pleasure is more important than your goal, you won't.

Use The Big Three to make steps and goals more important than your pleasure.

  1. Money
  2. Social connections
  3. Health

Ask your...

EASY Does It

We all enjoy doing things that are easy to do. Sometimes this is a problem and other times it's a boon.

Don't underestimate small changes in the environment that can lead to big changes in behavior. Want to eat healthier? Remove unhealthy food from your home.

We can also avoid "choice...


Change begins with action. Change your behavior and the mind will follow, including our feelings.

  • Body movements such as posture and simply nodding our head when listening to something can influence how we think and feel.
  • Taking note of physiology and trying to make it positive...

CAPTIVATING Rewards & Two Fixes

Pin point what is important and create rewards to help motivate yourself.

Use the "The Big Three" from Important but also think of these 5 ideas:

  • Make it fun!
  • Avoid fear and punishments.
  • Don't reward things you already enjoy becau...

ENGRAINED Habits & Magnetic Behavior

We are creatures of habit and just as Easy helps us change, repetition helps engrain behaviors. But be careful because this works for good and bad habits.

  • Repeating a behavior at the same time and place every day is a powerful technique the military e...


The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

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