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How to Master the Art of Selling

How to Master the Art of Selling

by Tom Hopkins


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The skills , knowledge and drive within you are what will make you great.

  • It is up to you what you achieve in your selling career!
  • You’re your greatest asset !
  • Some of us believe the myth that there are natural-born sales wonder ! THERE...

  1. Prospecting
  2. Making original contact the professional way -> Use the situation when you meet new people even in non-sales business settings! Refine your skills during this initial contacts to become ...

Knowing how to learn fast is the key to rapid personal growth and quick sales success!

  1. Impact ->the more you’re interested in a topic the more easily you remember details about it!
  2. Repetition -> Repeating anything often enough and it will star...

Selling Champions have….

  1. a memorable appearance!
  2. They’re proud, not only of what they do for a living - helping others - but also of their companies, their products, and the service they provide!
  3. They practise being more and more

10.Champions really care about their clients!

11.Champions don’t take rejection personally.

12.They all believe in continuing education! They study technique and learn new skills!

  1. You can accept the level of prosperity that you have or you exerting extra effort to get more!
  2. Focus on the specific things that you want. Make agreement with yourself: If I do this, I get that.
  3. Take it in steps. The essential element is faith in yourself!

  • Humans can receive a stimulus, pause to consider what their best response will be, and then respond.
  • In selling, the pause is essential! If you respond to quickly clients may get the feeling that you’ve answered this questions many times
  • As anything you choice to do, you’ll b...

  • The function of the professional salesperson is to know what a prospect might ask or object to, what information and responses will best meet the expected question and objections!
  • You learned exactly what they would say and what you should say!
  • Prepare professionally and you’...

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