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The Best Way to End Your Workday

The Best Way to End Your Workday


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The importance of how you end your day

The tasks you tackle at the very end of the day may play an outsize role in helping you unplug.

Psychologically detaching from work is one of the best ways to reduce after-hours stress and all its harms, including burnout. This means not only refraining from performing ...

Your brain struggles to let go of unfinished business. Incomplete tasks have a unique ability to continue capturing attention.

This is usually useful but can be problematic in the context of work-related stress and burnout. Many of our jobs force us to juggle a variety ...

Thinking about ongoing tasks

Taking a few minutes at the very end of the day to map out how you’ll tackle any ongoing tasks or commitments is a great way to facilitate detachment.

Making a plan for where, when, and how the task will be completed seems to reduce the urgency in our brains that naturally presses...

Knocking out simple, completable tasks at the end of the workday — and avoiding complicated ones — is another good way to psychologically disconnect.

If you finish the day by tackling something complex and unfinishable, this creates “oose ends that have the potential to...

Don't check your email

Don’t make checking your inbox the last thing you do each day.

This is the opposite of detachment. If there is nothing to attend to in your inbox, checking email is a small waste of time. If there is something urgent, a new task has now been activated in your mind, whi...

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