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The Workplace War: Work Anxiety Vs. Stress

The Workplace War: Work Anxiety Vs. Stress

Anxiety isn’t the same as stress, but they are related. 

  • Stress is a response to direct external stimuli that goes away when you tackle the problem.
  • But unlike stress, anxiety is impressively self-sufficient. It can happily exist all on its own, like a delicate snowflake of existential fear that won’t melt when the sun comes out.


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Don’t Calm Down

Instead of trying to calm your way out of anxiety, reframe the feelings as excitement and convert performance-related anxiety into goal-busting arousal congruency—a fancy term for channeling that sense of adrenaline that comes from high-anxiety situations into a positive effort.

The crucial part is to simply accept you are anxious. It’s easy to waste time and energy trying to fight anxiety on all fronts. So don’t do it.


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Curb Analysis Paralysis

Use your anxiety to access feelings of accomplishment

Tim Ferriss recommends going further to manage anxiety-induced low productivity. Set aside three hours to complete one small task, even if that means putting off other urgent tasks. Taking your time to get one thing off your plate is surely better than fumbling through three important tasks and completing none


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Treat Your Productivity Like An Anxiety Barometer

If you switch between tasks, seek distraction, and avoid addressing your goals, it could signal the beginnings of an anxiety episode. 

Closely monitor productivity fluctuations and you’ll essentially develop an early warning system for those anxious feelings. If you regularly beat yourself up for not doing enough then it’s very easy to miss your daily achievements. Remember that it’s not always about what you didn’t do.


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Go Off The Grid

How attached are you to your devices? Nomophobia is the fear of being without a connected device.

The need to be constantly connected to information can skew priorities.  But your productivity should not depend on your ability to get online. 

In fact, by disconnecting, you remove a number of barriers to productivity. You can say goodbye to browser tab overload, for a start.


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Ask For Feedback

If your anxiety spikes when you’re unclear of your goal, demanding high-quality feedback is important.

Repeatedly trying to clarify action points can not only hamper productivity, it can make less assertive people feel burdensome to clients.


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