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Don't Overcomplicate the Best Management Practice: Coaching

Don't Overcomplicate the Best Management Practice: Coaching


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Today's employees want a manager who is invested in their personal and professional development. They want frequent feedback -- and opportunities to do more of what they do best. They want to consistently grow as they pursue a compelling purpose.

In this new world, the best path to an excep...

Quick-fix coaching programs haven't made coaching intuitive or accessible.

These transactional trainings don't prepare managers because they lack real-world applications and practical coaching behaviours.

Also, many managers have misconceptions about coaching, such as:

  • Coac...

Coaching starts with asking more and telling less -- becoming more inquisitive about employees as human beings. What do employees need? What are their strengths? What are their goals?

Then, the best coaches listen to understand. They listen to truly comprehend employees' c...

Coaches are curious for a reason: They use discoveries about employees' motivations, concerns and aspirations to demonstrate care and dismantle barriers to performance and engagement.

The point is to have an authentic, ongoing dialogue with the individual to identify their top concerns and ...

  • Coaches set clear expectations and performance goals, and they hold employees accountable for those targets.
  • Coaches are future-focused when it comes to performance -- whereas bosses typically look for errors and punish performance mistakes.
  • Great coaches also focus on each ...

Like all employees, managers take their cues from leaders -- so leaders must create buy-in by providing the resources, development and accountability managers need.

For leaders, preparing managers to coach requires more than asking them to start coaching.

To abandon traditional bossing and start coaching, managers need coaching themselves from leaders who genuinely care. When leaders support managers, they can make coaching systemic in their organization -- part of "how we do things around here" (the culture) -- and equi...

Excessive complicated administrative tasks make it difficult for managers to prioritize conversations with employees. And burned out, overworked managers will find it difficult to muster enthusiasm for coaching. In fact, reducing administrative tasks could better engage your best managers. This i...

People join companies, but they leave managers. Because today's employees demand something different from their job, coaching is a must for managers. Plus, coaching creates an environment of high development, which is the most productive type of culture for your business and your employe...

Coaching becomes approachable when managers have access to proven development.

Best of all, coaches have a ripple effect that extends beyond bottom-line measures like turnover. When managers serve as coaches, they can improve employees' lives and wellbeing.

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