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How Fast Feedback Fuels Performance

How Fast Feedback Fuels Performance


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Employees are hungry for feedback from their leaders, managers and peers. They want to gain insights that advance their abilities and future potential. And more than ever, feedback is pivotal for engaging employees.

With business moving at warp speed, it's tempting to move on to the next ta...

The Fast Feedback approach makes giving feedback easier and more straightforward for managers, who often find the activity intimidating and overwhelming. When feedback is easy and commonplace, everyone can feel at ease and walk away knowing what and how to improve. And as Fast Feedback b...

  • Supports agility: Fast Feedback energizes employees and enables teams to make real-time, on-the-fly performance adjustments that create a competitive edge.
  • Inspires excellence: Employees are 3.6 times more likely to strongly agree that they are mot...

Managers who continually listen, ask questions, gain context and promote dialogue have progressed to a coaching mindset. These best-in-class managers use ongoing conversations to deliver energizing feedback that celebrates successes and calibrates performance.

Meaningful feedback is frequent.

Effective feedback has an expiration date. Feedback should be a common occurrence -- for most jobs, a few times per week. People remember their most recent experiences best, so feedback is most valuable when it occurs immediately after an ac...

Meaningful feedback is focused.

Ineffective feedback is vague and doesn't inform change. For instance, ranking all team members on the same general measures won't capture each individual's unique strengths and day-to-day work.

The best managers individualize feedback ...

Meaningful feedback is future-oriented.

Harping on an employee's prior blunders is anything but motivating. Managers can inspire growth by emphasizing the current moment and what's ahead -- recognizing employees' accomplishments and removing roadblocks for tomorrow. What ca...

The first action that leaders need to take is to transform managers into coaches. 

Coaching is a unique skill set that managers need to cultivate. Fortunately, the right manager development demystifies 

In a development-focused work culture, feedback isn't a one-way, top-down event. Individuals, managers and leaders should all give and receive feedback -- showing appreciation for one another's efforts through an honest, open, ongoing dialogue. Peer-to-peer feedback strengthens relationsh...

Leaders need to abandon annual reviews in favor of the five coaching conversations that are scientifically shown to improve performance. Leaders should assess their current pe...



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