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Hold On, What The Heck Are Asynchronous Interviews? - Toggl Blog

Hold On, What The Heck Are Asynchronous Interviews? - Toggl Blog



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Asynchronous Hiring

Asynchronous hiring refers to activities in your hiring process where the candidate and the recruiter do things at different times.

In these situations, the hiring process is done without any live ...

Asynchronous Interview

An asynchronous interview is where an applicant is guided through a series of interview questions and answers them in their own time. Most commonly, those answers are recorded using a phone/computer camera. 

As video technology has become more and more popular within hiring, it’s now best ...

Made For Remote Hiring

Async interviews are fantastic for remote hiring. Recruiters no longer have to rely on local talent pools or invest money to bring remote candidates into the office for interviews. With asynchronous video, it’s easy for recruiters and candidates to ‘speak’ to each other at a time that works for t...

Async interviews boost time-to-hire by allowing you to screen multiple candidates at once. Let’s say you want to screen 30 candidates, in the old world, that’s 30 separate phone interviews.

Now, all you need to do is record your questions once and then let candidates respond all at the sa...

Screen For Critical, Dealbreaker Skills Early

Asynchronous video interviews are one of the best ways to assess a candidate’s critical skills early in the process. Especially when compared to phone interviews, async interviews allow you to test how candidates communicate and display confidence.

It’s also great for testing those critic...

Allowing Collaboration

A candidate’s video responses all go into a single system where you and your colleagues can collaborate on their assessment. Gone are the days of relaying the phone interview to others, as you and the team can work together on assessing video interview submissions.

If you’re concerned about fair hiring practices within your organization, asynchronous interviews are a great way to deliver consistency. Every candidate gets exactly the same questions, providing the perfect environment to directl...

Async interviews allow you to submit your answers at a time and date which suits you. That means no more awkward excuses at work, or feeling under pressure to complete interviews around your workload. Plus, with the option to practice questions and re-record your answers, asynchronous interviews ...

Video interviews provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase what makes you special early on in the recruitment process. Especially for customer-facing roles, it’s hard to stand out on boring resumes, but with a video, you can let your personality and soft skill set shine through!

Especially for companies who record their questions, pre-recorded video interviews give you an insight into the company you’re applying to. This helps you feel more relaxed and helps you connect with the company to decide if it’s a good fit for you. 



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