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Job Simulations are Gaining Momentum – Here’s Why!

Job Simulations are Gaining Momentum – Here’s Why!


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Job simulation tests are exercises designed to replicate a real-life working environment. It assesses a candidate’s ability to do a particular role, such as answering calls, completing a skills test, or presenting a report.

In turn, candidates gain insight into the exact type of work the r...

A candidate is placed into a high-pressure work-related scenario and asked to use their judgment to overcome it.

These tests determine how well your candidate makes decisions. They are great for customer-facing roles or managers.

Use this test as part of your early screening process t...

In-Basket/In-Tray Exercises

A candidate is given a series of day-to-day tasks to complete within a set time. For example, answering calls, responding to emails, light admin tasks, or managing a customer complaint.

These exercises help understand how efficiently your candidate completes day-to-day administrative or man...

The skills assessment tests show a candidate's ability in a particular skill, competency, or knowledge area required for the role. They can be used for any role that lends themselves to specialised positions such as software developers.

Because they are designed to be quick and easy to comp...

Live Exercises

These exercises are designed to simulate real-life team interactions required for the role. They cover writing a report, delivering a presentation, or partaking in a workshop.

The exercises are used for creative, customer-facing, or team leader roles to understand if a candidate can work co...

This is the ultimate job simulation, with candidates thrust into a real-life situation alongside actors. They are designed to place candidates into agitating scenarios to see how they work with those around them.

They give insight into how well candidates can adapt to new and high-stress si...

Job simulation tests benefits

Job simulation tests add real value to recruiters and hiring managers across the globe. 

Key benefits include:

  • Evaluate job-specific skills. Job simulations help to evaluate specific skills, knowledge, or competencies that a candidate will need t...

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