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By building a learning culture, L&D leaders can equip their organizations to adapt to a business world that is transforming before our eyes.


How to create a learning culture in the workplace

How to create a learning culture in the workplace


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The State Of The Workplace

Technological disruption, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) conditions fueled by the ongoing pandemic, and evolving organizational architectures are just a few of the major challenges businesses face today. As a learning leader, your role is to equip your workforce wit...

Supporting Insightfulness

Does the culture produce and support insightful workers?

There’s no guarantee that today’s knowledge will solve tomorrow’s problems or that skills will remain evergreen. But insightful employees can recognize when the nature of a problem shifts. They then use that comprehen...

A Growth Mindset

Does your culture extol growth mindsets?

Many useless hours a spent by employees hiding their weaknesses. A learning culture fosters growth mindsets. In this type of organization, learning is not seen as a sign of weakness but of character. Failure is not the antonym of suc...

Is your culture collaborative and matrixed?

Even the most insightful worker can’t do it all. Sometimes the time required to hone a new skill will be too great. In these instances, insightful workers need to connect with those whose complementary skills can be an asset.


Is your culture adaptable?

It’s clear that transformation is the default condition of today’s business world. There will inevitably come a day when the tried-and-true no longer works. When this happens, reactionary organizations panic and falter. 

But transformation-r...

Is the culture nurtured by leaders at the organization?

Leaders have an outsized influence on everyone in an organization. Directors who want their managers to learn and grow must model a willingness to do so. The same holds true for managers who want to see their team memb...

This culture shift requires developing leaders with intellectual humility — they must be open to learning, commit to improving, and never use their intellect or position to discourage ot...

A learning culture isn’t built overnight. Organizations must commit to intentionally developing employees, and that requires being strategic about how investments are made. To begin developing a cultu...

Developing a Culture of Learning: Budget

  • Maintain a consistent budget to gain buy-in by making the value of learning explicitly clear.
  • Write a mission statement that aligns your vision with organizational objectives, then choose and design programs with ROI in mind. 
  • Plan ongoing initiatives to measure their impact...

Developing a Culture of Learning: Time

It doesn’t matter how effective a learning program promises to be if employees don’t have the time to participate. For this reason, Google and others have instituted the 80/20 rule. They offer employees 20% of their time to learn, develop, and experiment with new ideas. This ratio can vary, but h...

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