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Story published in Wolistique about writing and scarcity


How can Understanding ‘Scarcity’ Increase your value as a Writer?

How can Understanding ‘Scarcity’ Increase your value as a Writer?


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When Gmail Was Not For Everyone

Do you remember the excitement of getting your first Gmail account? If my memory serves me right, my first one dates back to 2004. The Gmail invite represented a friendship token from my boyfriend back then, who only got five of them to spread. Its scarcity made it valuable. Years later, he becam...

Nfts For Dummies

See, it doesn’t matter that anyone can have it, as long as only one may own it. Pretty dope, is it? Here the circulating supply is plenty, but having it doesn’t make you rich. Hence, the token immutably vouching the ownership is the valuable asset and not the item itself.

Scarcity Makes Economy Roll

So to recap, NFTs use scarcity of ownership to increase their value regarding the digital asset the token is assigned to. Cryptocurrency and stocks also are finite in supply, and sometimes (even if it’s only perceived) scarcity influence their price. And the same goes with collectables — they bec...

#1 Tip To Become A Valuable Writer

Study the top writers on these topics and strive to be better than them. Let’s take Tim Denning, my favourite example. If you want to be better than Tim at personal development, then you really need to top up your game. So, when it comes to me, I probably stand no chance (I better write about hor...

#2 Tip To Become A Valuable Writer

Find your own angle, and don’t be afraid to look at yourself as a special human being. I’m sure there is something that makes you stand out in a crowd. Find it, and put it in writing. Maybe you are a painfully direct individual in just the right ways, you are witty, charming or like to throw in f...

#3 Tip To Become A Valuable Writer

Discover a new niche. Maybe you are really good at writing about horses (apparently I like exemplifying on horses just as much I like using Tim Denning in my plastic examples). So, write about horses and create a community around this topic. I imagine there are not a lot of writers writing about ...

#4 Tip To Become A Valuable Writer

For the 4th tip and the more important one check out the original article.

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