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What Fan Fiction Teaches That the Classroom Doesn’t


Fan Fiction Writing

... is found in the old and popular communities of the internet, working mostly on science-fiction and fantasy literature, with new story arcs of old worlds and characters.

The premise and the roles are already familiar among the fans, and the new stories, adventures and ‘tangents’ in a wo...

As the content is based on an existing book, TV show, movie, video game, or something they already love, the participants have a genuine interest and personal identification with the topic.

Websites specializing in fan-fiction are using the existing bodies of work, playing and tinkering with it, while providing feedback to each other. In this process, the participants are learning and teaching each other to write well. The continuous, constructive feedback helps make fanfiction writ...

Someone can have an encyclopedic knowledge of a certain character, but may not be able to write well. The contribution of that person can be to fine-tune the writing of someone who wrote it correctly but couldn’t accurately portray that character. By providing their insights and corrections, the ...

..or Constructive criticism is an integral part of fan-fiction websites, though it is not always welcome.

  • Negative feedback or flames is a loud minority in any group of critics.

  • Positive feedback, on the other hand, is often discounted, even though it is ...

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