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Rediscover the benefits of playfulness after the toys have been put away.


Why adults should embrace their playfulness

Why adults should embrace their playfulness



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Playing Games is good

Adults who demonstrate more playful personality traits are more motivated, creative, and spontaneous. There have even been links between people with more playful characteristics having lower blood pressure. While less playful people struggle in their leisure time...

Rene Proyer

Playfulness should be viewed as a skill that can be developed, harnessed and used for mindfulness.

Proyer suggests listing three moments at the end of every day where something spontaneous happened. It could be a funny interaction with a stranger while getting your coffee or a joke shared with your colleague. This will help you to begin to feel confident in being playful and make you more awar...

Socially acceptable excuses

Do not be afraid to find fun in something not normally associated with adults.

In order for adults to engage in playful activities guilt-free, they can come prepared with socially acceptable "excuses". Eg: The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy Peop...

Video Game as Adult therapy

While some adults might feel the need to hide their playfulness, the market for video games and mobile gaming among adults has boomed in recent years.

The mental health benefits of playing video games down to achieving a state of "flow".

The optimal experience when nothing els...

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