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6 Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Networking Event

6 Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Networking Event



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Care about the experience

Many content creators use similar platforms to host virtual events, so think about how you can make your event different. By curating the attendee experience, you will not only create a unique event, but you will add value. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide ticket add-ons, such as merc...

When examining how to create a virtual event, consider whether your audience is watching on a mobile phone or computer, and adjust your content and format accordingly. Virtual event platforms like Zoom only show multiple faces at once on a mobile device. But on the desktop, more than 20 scree...

Take advantage of the latest technology to make your virtual event truly unique. For a gallery or museum event, you can use virtual reality to offer attendees a 3D tour of the exhibit, for example.

If your event is a job fair or university open day, emulate the face-to-face experie...

Whether you want to host an online conference with a group of speakers or a virtual seminar with speakers, always hold a mock event ahead of the actual one to address technical issues and strengthen group dynamics.

Encourage your speaker to familiarize himself with the platform bei...

Networking is one of the main reasons people attend events in person. So, with virtual events, try to create the same atmosphere by giving people the ability to connect before, during, and after.

Invite participants to social media groups first to start a conversation and share ide...

Organize your virtual events with accessibility in mind. Make sure attendees can easily access it. Add subtitles so everyone understands what is being said. And don't forget the time.

One of the advantages of hosting a virtual event is that you are not tied to a physical location a...



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