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5 insights from behavioral science that can make you better at influencing others

5 insights from behavioral science that can make you better at influencing others



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Making it ok for someone to say No makes them want to say Yes

  • The only way to make your dreams come true is to influence other people to change their behavior.
  • Trying to influence someone means you’re a threat to their time, money, pride, or social capital. Most importantly, influence threatens their attention. But when you make an invitation...

  • There are 2 internal systems governing our thinking and behavior. The first is fast, unconscious, emotional, and instinctive; these are your gut reactions. The second is slow, conscious, effortful, and seemingly rational; these are your deliberate decisions.
  • Because the unconscious m...

The best predictor of behavior is ease

The biggest misperception about changing minds is that you need to do it at all. A lot of our behavior doesn’t reflect any conscious thinking; that’s why the best predictor of behavior is ease. It’s more powerful than motivation, price, quality, satisfaction, or intentions.

Ease makes ...

You can become more charismatic—someone people want to pay attention to—with a few tweaks to your language, body language, and your attention.

The simplest charisma hack is to practice focusing your attention on people one at a time. Start by asking questions and u...

Lasting influence is a group project

Few of history’s turning points can credit just one hero. Instead, there was an army of poeple who spread the word, or they stepped up and did it.

In Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of boat owners rescued people—single moms, toddlers, grandfathers—stranded in attics, on roofs, in flooded h...

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Insights on authentic influence, not “influencer influence”. Still, if influence is a superpower, and since we all might unconsciously be, or find ourselves, at either the giving or the receiving end of influence, it’s good to remember that where there are superpowers, there are of course superheroes, but there are also supervillains.



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Charisma is the strength of influencing people. Here's what you can learn from highly charismatic people



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