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Things to consider before joining a tech giant.


Is the Grass Greener On the Tech Giants' Side?

Is the Grass Greener On the Tech Giants' Side?


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The Premise

For many software engineers, the pinnacle of their careers can mean landing a job for some of the most well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. For good reason as well, as they have some of the most talented people in the world working for them and provide b...

Long Hours

Long hours might be the biggest issue. Work-life balance starts to become a juggling act. A job with a salary of 100k+ for a fresh graduate probably won’t have you clocking in at nine and clocking out at five.

The benefit is that they don’t care when you work. The task is expected to be com...

 Never Leave The Google Building, Ever!

Google is famous for its food offerings. They have restaurant-quality choices at many of their locations. The food isn’t just to provide a perk to save their employees some money on food. Now, everyone can have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their desk. They have sleep pods too! You don’t ...

The Internal Tools In Use

Having experience with a company’s technology stacks can help your marketability. Experience in Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure is sought out by many recruiters. Google is a bit different. Many of their tools are internal, which means they are used only by Google. Work experience in these tools...

The Burnout Rate

Long hours and being overworked are common in the tech industry. At some point, it will drain you and you will lose your motivation. If you are starting your career and are very passionate, you may last longer. One common issue all large tech companies have is employee retention. The average tenu...

Golden Handcuffs: Stock Options

Almost all the top tech companies offer some signing bonus, usually in the form of stocks. You don’t get all, and in most cases, none of it when you start. They are typically vested across four years, receiving a fraction each year. If you decide to quit after two years, any amount of the signing...



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