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Third-Party Cookies in Chrome Will Soon Be Gone. Are You Ready to Act?

Third-Party Cookies in Chrome Will Soon Be Gone. Are You Ready to Act?


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The Mighty Third Party Cookie

A day without third-party cookies is looming: By late 2023, Google plans to eliminate...

The Reason For Third Party Cookie Removal

So why is Google removing valuable third-party cookies and wreaking havoc on the marketing world? The answer comes down to concerns about data privacy. Google and other ad tech entities are under scrutiny for their data practices, and those practices began to be regulated with the passage of the ...

Identity Information In Galore

Privacy firms are concerned about personally identifiable information (PII)—including full names, bank account numbers, and Social Security numbers—that can be collected from third-party pixels. People question whether entities (such as ad tech companies) collect PII that could be used on a wider...

Replacing The Cookie

When Google announced its plans for the removal of third-party cookies in Chrome, it left the industry spinning about how ad tech would function in the future. To reach a solution, Google introduced a Privacy Sandbox where ad tech companies, marketers, and website engineers could submit proposals...

Challenges of Third-Party Cookie Removal

Many of the proposed solutions rely on a pixel placed on websites that collect users' data (such as email addresses) when they subscribe or login to an advertiser's or publisher's site.

Although the changes are beneficial for protecting users' data privacy, they pose some challenges for adv...

Challenge: Prospecting

Publishers and advertisers can use their own first-party data or rely on identity-mapping solutions to target prospects based on categories.

Google also proposed its Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) solution, which would allow user consumption information to be gathered with consent, PI...

A lack of confidence exists around whether new targeting solutions will foster adequate retargeting and frequency capabilities.

If technology cannot target individual users, then how can ads truly be relevant to consumers and appear to them at the appropriate times in the consumer journey? ...

Challenge: Attribution and Measurement

Disabling third-party cookies will also leave a gap in marketers' abilities to follow a user to a brand's website and measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns throughout the online consumer journey. Advertisers are eager to know how they will be able to track user activity down to their we...

The multitude of privacy changes uncovered thus far leaves advertisers and marketers itching to know what actions they should take now to combat a world without third-party cookies. Because many of the solutions and their impacts are still unknown, it is difficult to give an exact prescription to...



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