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What are some lessons guiding Putin's decisions? Learned some cool facts from this podcast.

How Vladimir Putin took over the world

How Vladimir Putin took over the world

How to Take Over the World


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Putin's early days

At age 43 Putin was an ex-KGB employee, with no career prospects. 4 years later he was the ruler of Russia. He had humble beginnings:

  • He grew up in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, in a poor family living in one room in a shared apartment.
  • He was a poor student, bullied by his ...

Putin's Rise to Power

It's not clear how Putin, a retired agent got a job at Kremlin. But once he got there he keeps getting promoted.

  • He goes from president's property management to the head of secret services.
  • He reforms the service and thus wins the respect of Boris Yeltsin. 
  • When the mus...

Never show weakness

From an early age Putin learned to never show weakness. He became a bully to stop being bullied in school. Later in life, he had to protect the KGB Dresden office before being sacked by the mob. With a calm voice he announced to the people gather outside he and his colleagues will machine gun eve...

Truth does not matter ...

... as long as you give people reasons to believe you. Sure he:

  • faked terrorist attacks so he can justify a strong military response
  • took control of the media and killed his opponents.

But his popularity soared non-the-less. Because the average Russian wanted to bel...

Information asymmetry is power

Know everything about everyone. Hide anything about you. This information asymmetry is power.

In the early 2000, when faced with negative press he seized most the media company. Because the owners were corrupt. They were, but so was everyone in the chaotic anarchic period. ...

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