The Nakamoto Consensus — How We End Bad Governance - Deepstash
The Nakamoto Consensus — How We End Bad Governance

The Nakamoto Consensus — How We End Bad Governance

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All good companies are dictatorships

All good companies are dictatorships

We may think dictatorship is the worst:

  1. Everyone and anyone can be overridden by one man at the top.
  2. Laws can be arbitrarily changed on a whim.
  3. Dictators are all about enriching themselves not the public.

Very few governments pass these attributes. But Apple is. Whole Foods is. Each product and price is a strict law declaring you must pay x dollars to get y. Our economy is run by companies ran by dictators. And we glorify the dictators of good companies.


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Good laws in Opt-in

How can a vast bundle of goods and prices produced by a visibly dictatorial, unpredictable, and greedy Apple government be any good at all? What is their secret?

It turns out there’s only one thing that guarantees production of good laws. The people bound by the laws have to agree to be bound by them. Not hypothetically or tacitly, as in some imaginary will of the people or behind a veil of ignorance. Consent must be real, transparent, and continuous. No law can bind a single person unless that person consents to be bound by that law. All laws must be strictly opt in.


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From Washington to Nakamoto Consensus

From Washington to Nakamoto Consensus

For over 350 years Westphalian sovereignty has rooted its authority and expressed its power along territorial borders, lines demarcating a state’s monopoly on the legitimate use of violence. But over time those in power have changed, but the method of authorian lawmaking by decree.

The new method of government will decouple the citizenship by location and laws will be enforced by technologies like blockchain.


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