10 Ways to Forge a Deeper Connection with Yourself | DoYou - Deepstash
10 Ways to Forge a Deeper Connection with Yourself | DoYou

10 Ways to Forge a Deeper Connection with Yourself | DoYou


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10 Ways to Forge a Deeper Connection with Yourself | DoYou

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Building Self Awareness | Check-In

Make a habit of checking in.

Simply ask yourself: How do I feel right now?

Note your response. Tune into the signs your body is telling you. Pay attention to the little signals or feelings you get.


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Designate time each day for just a few moments of quiet solitude. It’s a simple step to connecting with your deeper self.

  • Take five minutes each morning (or night) to just sit in silence and be present.
  • Don’t worry about emptying all the thoughts from your head.
  • Simply notice the thoughts, let them go, and center.


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Breathing helps to ground you and pulls you deeper into your inner self.

  • Focus your breathing by bringing your awareness to it.
  • Follow it as you inhale and exhale.
  • Feel the rise of your chest as it fills you right up.
  • Follow the breath all the way to your belly and out again.
  • Repeat for as long as you feel necessary.

Breath work can be done anytime or anywhere, & it’s a very simple way to connect with yourself throughout the day.


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Building Self Awareness | Embrace Your Feelings

Let yourself feel everything.

Don’t be afraid to sit with the difficult or uncomfortable emotions. Be compassionate with yourself and focus on your breath to keep yourself grounded.


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Building Self Awareness | Automatic Writing

A great tool for when you feel stuck, as we just need to look internally to find the answers we’re looking for.

  • Have a notebook or journal handy.
  • Ask yourself: “What do I need to know today?”
  • Listen for the answer and write it all down.

Try not to think too much about what you are writing, but let your pen flow across the page without editing, judgment, or guilt.


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Building Self Awareness | A Morning Ritual

Create a daily practice or set of rituals to help deepen the connection to yourself.

Start your day by sitting quietly and tuning in to your inner self.

  • Set an intention, meditate, journal, practice self-care, or repeat positive affirmations.


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Building Self Awareness | Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

Recognize when negative thoughts or fears surface. Don’t judge yourself for having those thoughts. Choose to let them go, or look at them in a new perspective.

When we are able to consciously think this way, we’re more equipped to manifest the things we truly desire.


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Movement and exercise should be seen as a form of self-love.

  • Take a nature walk, dance around in your pajamas, go for a run, attend a gym class, or hit your yoga mat.
  • Do what feels expansive and freeing to your body.
  • Really feel what it’s like to move and stretch, recognizing any sensations that come up for you.

Just listen to your body and pay attention to what it needs.


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Building Self Awareness | Find Your Passions

Do more of what makes you happy. Seek out the things that bring you passion.

  • Try painting, writing, and journaling or maybe getting creative or crafty.
  • Entertain guests or cook delicious meals for yourself and your family.
  • Just get outside into nature and explore.

Whatever you love to do, do it more often.


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  • Start each day by greeting yourself in the mirror.
  • Take time to connect by looking into your eyes.
  • Smile at yourself, and feel your vibration rise.
  • You could even speak a positive affirmation or mantra out loud.

Acknowledging your presence with a smile before you begin your day helps to set the mood.


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