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by Jay Shetty

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To be confused

To be confused

Most of the times in life, we’ll be confused about whether our action is right or wrong.

When we are in confusion, there is a higher possibility of taking the wrong path. But wait, how do we decide if something is wrong- isn’t this the basis of our confusion?


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Know your “Why”

No action is right or wrong in itself. The key here is the thought behind the action. Yes, you’re right, it could also be called the ‘intention’.

So, remember, if the ‘why’ (the reason for your action) is clear, the ‘what’ (the action itself) can be categorised into right or wrong.


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Need for an honest assessment

Genuinely assessing your intentions is also important. Don’t stick to an idea and claim it to be right. Instead, step back, be true to yourself and don’t convince yourself that a thought is right if the first thing that strikes your mind is the fact that it is wrong. We also call it to be a hunch or a gut feeling.


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Decide before you act

At the end of the day, if your intentions are not right, your actions tend to back-fire and you might have to suffer for what you did. So, decide before you act on your thought.

These were the words in Bhagavath Geeta and Jay Shetty, in his book “Think like a Monk” has presented the same beautifully.


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