The Surprising “Disinhibition” Technique Is a Powerful Way to Stop Overthinking, According to Harvard Research - Deepstash

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It can be described as a torrent of negative thought and associated emotion sparked by relatively innocuous triggers. Much of it is framed by what-if scenarios that give the imagination plenty of room to run free in the wilderness of negativity.

This is particularly painful for leaders who are weighed down with a great deal of responsibility, and the duty to make decisions that have ripple effects in people's everyday lives.


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Leverage the underestimated power of intuition

Intuition works like a mental pattern matching game. It analyzes situations quickly with extant knowledge and evident context and offers a way forward quickly. Decision-making is based on existing knowledge and experience that isn't bogged down by time-intensive data research or analysis.

This also takes away roadblocks we've set up in our minds that keep us from making clear-minded decisions - so it keeps us from overthinking decisions even when they are well-conceived.

Intuition-based decision-making can't rule all the time. Use it in moderation, and where you feel it's appropriate.


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Interior and spatial designer

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