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Things to Learn from Bhutan 🇧🇹 Country!!


8 Great Things The World Can Learn From The Himalayan Kingdom Of Bhutan

8 Great Things The World Can Learn From The Himalayan Kingdom Of Bhutan



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8 Great Things The World Can Learn From Bhutan 🇧🇹

  1. Gross National Happiness
  2. Universal Healthcare
  3. Publicly funded education
  4. Daily meditation in schools
  5. Inculcating human values at an early age
  6. Organic Farming
  7. Turning to renewable sources of energy
  8. Planting trees

1.Gross National Happiness

  • While most countries measure their economic worth and growth through Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Bhutan chose a very different way to understand and sustain its economy.
  • The Gross National Happiness (GNH) balances economic development, cultural resilience, environmental conservati...

2. Universal Healthcare

  • The National Health Policy and plan pursues free universal health coverage based on the primary care approach as the strategy for social protection and development. 
  • The constitution also endeavours to provide security in times of sickness.

3. Publicly funded education

  • Education for children in Bhutan is publicly funded till 10th standard after which only students who manage to pass their board examinations will be sponsored in higher secondary school.
  • Students who are not selected for government-funded further education can continue their studies...

4. Daily meditation in schools

  • Classes in most schools in Bhutan begin with silent contemplation or a session of meditation.
  • This daily exercise has made teachers realise that their students are more focused in their studies and handle stress much better.

5. Inculcating human values at an early age

  • Although education in Bhutan is similar to many other countries that follow the western curriculum, children are also taught lessons on environmental conservation, recycling and being considerate to other people.
  • Educators in Bhutan believe that even the way teachers interact with th...

6. Organic Farming

  • Bhutan announced in 2013 that it would go completely organic in terms of agricultural practices, thereby calling for a complete ban on GMOs.
  • Most of the farm practices are traditional farming, so they are largely organic in the world

7. Turning to renewable sources of energy

  • Although Bhutan is not as polluted as its South Asian neighbours, the government has already taken steps to encourage the use of renewable sources of energy that do not cause pollution and affect the air quality.
  • The recent introduction of CNG-powered vehicles and rope-ways are the ...

8. Planting trees

  • The people of Bhutan actively take part in the planting of trees as the nation's constitution dictates that 60% of the country's land area must be under forest cover.
  • Just last year a group of volunteers in the country planted over 49000 trees in an hour and very recently 108,000 tre...

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