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This is why candidates are ghosting you

This is why candidates are ghosting you


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This is why candidates are ghosting you

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Ghosted by a candidate

According to research from, 28% of candidates ghosted an employer during 2020, which is up from 18% in 2019.

In a tough hiring market, ghosting puts companies in a rough spot. More than two-thirds of hiring managers say that candidates dropping off during the application process is a problem for their company.


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Two-thirds of candidates ghost potential employers because they found a job with higher wages or better benefits. This type of ghosting can even happen after someone accepts an offer.

Another common cause of ghosting is poor communication: 51% of workers are frustrated with the lack of information. In addition, 38% say that employers are leaving them in the dark about where they stand as a candidate, and 30% are disappointed that employers aren’t acknowledging receipt of their application.


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Companie experiencing ghosting should consider it a red flag that they need to reevaluate their hiring process. Communication very regularly throughout the process with the candidate, including the post-offer stage, is very important.

They should also make sure their pay and benefits meet the market standards.


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