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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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Founds In Atomic Habits 1

  1. If you want to stick with a habit, first you have to make it obvious.  
  2. When and where are the most important questions for the habit formation. 
  3. I will  ( behaviour ) at ( time ) in ( location ). 
  4. Implementation intention clears the foggy notion. 
  5. Habit stacking :-  connect new habit with old one. 
  6. Stack your habit with immediate cue which motivates you to start that habit. 
  7. Habits are influenced by environment. 
  8. Small change in what you see will have big impact in what you do.
  9. Creating obvious visual cues improve the urges for a habit. 
  10. One space one use.  


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Founds In Atomic Habits 2

  1. Possible way to eradicate bad habits is to reduce the cues that causes the urge. 
  2. Make it obvious or make it invisible. 
  3. We have the brain of our ancestors but and the temptation the never have to face .
  4. Whenever you predict that opportunity will be rewarded our dopamine level will be spiked. It hits the anticipation. 
  5. Dopamine will be released not only when you are experiencing the event but also when you are anticipating them. 
  6. We need to make our habits attractive because it’s anticipation motivates us. 
  7. Temptation bundling :- connecting the habit you need to do with the habit you want to do. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits 3

  1. Your habit will become attractive when you do your favorite activity same time. 
  2. After current habit -> habit i need -> habit i want. 
  3. Behaviours are attractive when they help us to fit in. 
  4. When you want to implement new habit, you just join a group where your desired habit is a normal habit. 
  5. Culture we live in will determine which habits are attractive. 
  6. Same cue can cause good habit and bad habit. 
  7. Habits are attractive when we associate them with positive feelings and also unattractive when we associate them with negative feelings. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits 4

  1. You can attach or detach from any habit just by reframing them. 
  2. In order to refrain from bad habit make it unattractive. 
  3. Create a motivational ritual to motivate you before starting a hard habit. 
  4. Best is the enemy of good. 
  5. Action is more important than emotion. 
  6. If you want to master a habit, the key is repetition not perfection. 
  7. More you repeat an activity more your brain become in that activity.
  8. Automaticity is the ability to do things without any conscious. 
  9. Habits form based on frequency not time. 
  10. Make the habit easy as possible. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits 5

  1. By reducing the frictions associate with good habit , we can make habit easier. 
  2. Human behaviour follows the law of least efforts. 
  3. Reduce the friction associate with good habits and increase the friction associate with bad habits. 
  4. Prime your environment to make your future action easier. 
  5. Difference between good day and bad day us determined by the choices made at the decisive moments. 
  6. Habits are the entry point not end point. 
  7. 2 minutes rule : when you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to do. 
  8. Standardize before you optimize. 


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Found In Atomic Habits 6

  1. Living below your current means increase the future means. 
  2. Make it easy to start then the remain will follow. 
  3. Success is more about making good habit easy and bad habit hard. 
  4. Commitment device : The act you do in the present that lock a habit in the future. 
  5. We are more likely to repeat a behavior when it is more satisfying. 
  6. What is rewarded is repeated, what is punished is avoided. 
  7. In bad habits immediate outcome is good but the ultimate outcome is bad. In good habits this is reversed. 
  8. People who are good at delaying gratifications are successful in life. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits 7

  1. By giving little bit of reward or pain to the habit helps us in the process of delaying gratifications. 
  2. Reinforcement : stack your habit with immediate reward which gives you the feeling of satisfaction at the end of the habit. 
  3. Habit tracking is obvious, attractive and satisfying. 
  4. Measurements help to overcome our blindness and help to have a clear vision about our process. 
  5. Missing one is an accident but missing two is a new habit. 
  6. The first rule of compounding is never interrupt unnecessarily. 
  7. When consequences are severe , people learn quickly. 
  8. Pain is a good teacher. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits

  1. Laws and regulations are the examples, how governments change our habits by social contracts. 
  2. Habit contract :- verbal agreement you summit to yourself with severe consequences when overruled. 
  3. Genes never determine your destiny but they determine the place of opportunity. 
  4. Choose the habit which suits you not the one which is popular. 
  5. Habit must be enjoyable if you are going to stick. 
  6. When you can’t win by being better, you can win by being different. 
  7. Work hard on the things that come easy. 
  8. Secret to maximize our success is choosing the correct path. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits

  1. Play the game that favors your strength, if not create one. 
  2. Genes don’t eliminate the need for the hard work. They clarify where to work on. 
  3. We can keep our motivation on going just by focusing on manageable difficulties. 
  4. When a task is too easy or too difficult you will loose your motivation. It has to be an equal and manageable difficulties. 
  5. People work on their peak level of motivation when the task is right on the edge of their ability. 
  6. Scientific research found that you will be at your flow state when the task is 4% above your capabilities. 


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Founds In Atomic Habits 10

  1. Who can handle the boredom of being everyday same succeed. 
  2. When you are capable of doing things in autopilot, you will start to miss the way to improve that thing. 
  3. The way to success is knowing the right thing and doing that same thing again and again. 


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Learning is fun😜👌.


Atomic Habits is a great readers digest. Has lot to learn and lot to implement. One of my life changing book. Definitely a recommendation!!!!! Enjoy👌

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