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Top 5 tips for getting back into the swing of study

Top 5 tips for getting back into the swing of study


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1. Get organised.

Marking important dates and deadlines into a personal calendar or study plan will allow you to remain organised and set realistic revision and academic goals for the study period ahead.

A detailed study plan will also allow you to figure out what resources and help you'll need along the wa...

2. Organise your study space.

Before you begin studying, ensure you take the time to clean and organise your study space, (including the not so obvious areas like your computer's desktop). When picking your perfect study space, it's recommend you choose an area that receives a lot of natural light and is free from distraction...

3. Start with the basics

If it's been a while since you were at school or university, your study skills may be a bit rusty. The best way to combat this is taking pressure off yourself, and starting it slow and easy. So, start with the basics and slowly master your subjects.

4. Ask for hel

If you're struggling to get back into the swing of studying - ask for help! Ask your seniors and teachers, they can help you get back faster.

Taking advantage of the services you have available will not only help you to manage feelings of stress, it'll also assist you in staying committed t...

5. Set realistic expectations

While setting hard goals can motivate you to achieve, it's important to keep your goals realistic and achievable.

Putting needless pressure on yourself, especially when you've had a break from studying, can be detrimental to your progress.

Instead, be patient and give yourself time ...

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