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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that your true self wasn’t acknowledged?


The Case For Authenticity At Work

The Case For Authenticity At Work


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Identity crisis?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that your true self wasn’t acknowledged? 

You know, that moment when you feel like you are standing on the edge of an identity crisis? You are not sure what you should be acting or feeling like. Yeah, me too…it’s difficult.

What it means to be authentic in the workplace.


Most of us were “raised” in the workplace to be “professional”. We were taught that being a professional meant putting our personality and beliefs aside. In fact, many times “faking it” is what it took to get ahead. But is that the best approach? And is it possible to be authentic at work...

It is about being who you really are and allowing the people in your organisation to see that. It is about finding a balance between being yourself and fitting into a business culture — one where the values of your company are aligned with your own values and beliefs.

In a world of platitudes, clichés, and career-crucifying performance reviews, authenticity at work can be a risky, even foolhardy option.

You might fail to win over your boss or get that promotion you’ve always wanted and worked so hard for. But if you embrace your true self and hold firm ...

A virus of false flattery, buzzwords, and spin has infested how we work — how we give feedback and make decisions. These phoney interactions, though often meant to reward employees and impress bosses, do little to foster authenticity or strengthen relationships.

Small moments

 The brief encounters with other people that make up a day at the office — are where authentic presence thrives or dies. Our authenticity represents who we are without guile. It flows from within us. It’s the person we choose to be rather than the person others demand that we be.

Authenticity is not a quality you gain once and suddenly embody forever after; it must be nurtured continuously. And when you do so, it produces rewards both large and small — a sense of meaning in your job, a feeling of connection with your colleagues and customers, and the ability to see and se...

Expressing yourself will help build trust with your employees and show them that you’re a safe person for them to open up to as well. Encourage self-expression among your employees. Don’t just tolerate it but celebrate it!

Encourage everyone to bring their full selves to work each day! Tak...

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