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Need tips on how to focus? Here are 17 tips to keep you smashing those study goals!


How to stay focused while studying

How to stay focused while studying


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A flashback on how I studied back then...

When I was a student, I didn't have a notebook on every subject that I had, especially on my High School days.

I have my system of remembering things and how to pull them out whenever I need them. 

I take notes on a piece of paper, preferably lengthwise, to jot down all the critical p...

17 Study Tips to Help You Focus

  1. Set a routine

 2. Establish study goals and rewards

 3. Plan out a study schedule

 4. Create a study checklist

 Gearing up for a successful study session

 5. Create a positive study environment

 6. Set aside online distractions

 7. Fuel up with...

Set Routine

I know that seeing this word that starts with R and ends with E is a pain in our eyes.

But creating an environment that will make you stick to your priorities as a student will go a long way!

Creating a planner for your daily or weekly act...


“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”

Establish Study Goals and Rewards

Study Goals will be your North Star and help you navigate the jungle of learning.

Rewards will supplement the achievement of your set goals, thus keeping the fire burning for more plans to smash!

Plan out a study schedule

Use a working calendar to manage your time. This will not only let you count down the days until your exam but it will also empower you to evenly spread out review sessions.

Use your calendar to jot down assignment due dates and other importan...

Create a study checklist

If planners don't work for you (like me), a checklist is your best buddy!

You can easily navigate and cross out tasks or things that you already accomplished.


Then after you cross it all out, move on to the ne...

Create a positive study environment

Who wants a messy study table?

Who wants a noisy neighbor?


You want to create your own environment free of loud noise and clutters.

You will definitely stick to a routine if your surrounding is quiet and clean.

Wanna level up the studying field?

Set up a ...


“You don’t have to be the victim of your environment. You can also be the architect of it.”

Set aside online distractions

Distractions are the main culprits why we can't achieve anything or are delayed in hitting those goals.

To be a successful student, you’ll need to leave behind sources of distraction. One of the most useful tips for avoiding distractions while studying is to turn your smartphone off and put...

Fuel up with nutritious study snacks

A grumbling tummy can be really distracting when you need to focus on your schoolwork. Bringing healthy brain food to your study session is helpful if you want to stay motivated and energized.

Stay away from high-sugar snacks that will make your energy levels spike and crash. Instead, choos...

 Help yourself stay motivated

This is so damn hard, right?

Especially on those days, you are burned out and just want to lay on your bed and scroll your phone to look for funny cat videos.

Nobody can help you, but yourself.

In these super hard moments, knowing why you are studying, will help you get motivate...

Organize a study group

For social learners, study groups can be a motivational environment for staying focused on complex course material. Studying with classmates can also help make test preparation a little more manageable.

Get your peers excited to study together by sending out invitations. The more people who...

Cater to your learning style

Different learning styles, but same end goal.


So if you are:

Visual Learner (like me)

Auditory Learner

Kinesthetic Learner

Create your way of learning; gone are the days that ...

Take study notes in your own words

This might be time-consuming but rewriting what you learn in your own words is beneficial.

You are creating connections in your brain cells which will give way to comprehending the topic at hand.

Less stress on neurons because those are your own words without the chemical symbols or j...

Visualize ideas and topics

If you are a visual learner like me, try making mind maps, aside from making motivational posters to pump you up!

It's a cool way to organize your thoughts and create connections that will give clarity and context to what you are doing.

 Make flashcards

When you need to memorize key dates, facts, names, words, or other information, memory aids like flashcards are perfect retrieval practice tools. Write a question or prompt on one side and the answer on the other side.

Quiz yourself and spend...

Use practice worksheets

Worksheets can be useful tools for assessing your knowledge and staying focused.

Create your own that include questions related to your school subject matter, leaving space to write short answers. Once you've graded your own work, it can be rewarding to see how much you've learned.


Become an efficient reader

There are gazillion ways how to be an effective reader, here is a step by step example:

  1. Warm-up your brain
  2. Sweep the chapter
  3. Write as you read.

Test yourself

So you've stuck to your study routine, memorized the flashcards, finished your worksheets, and powered through thanks to a few energizing snacks and motivational quotes.

Now it's time to check whether you know what you need to know to ace that upcoming exam.

Using practice tests is a...

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